Saturday, November 27, 2010

Starting to Talk Bats

Well here we go with the first Talking Bats post. What's it all about? It's an informal blog about stuff that's happening to bats here in Australia. The focus will inevitably be flying-foxes because they're the ones that make the most news.

We'll be introducing you to the flying-foxes of Australia and we'll explain what a rough deal they get.

Two species of Australian flying-foxes, the spectacled flying-fox and the grey-headed flying-fox are listed as vulnerable to extinction but little is being done to arrest the decline in numbers. Habitat destruction, colony disturbances, climate change and licensed shooting are just some of the threats they face.

Through this blog, we'll try to keep you up-to-date with happenings, positive and negative, that are affecting these iconic species.

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